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November 28, 2009 at 12:37 am | Posted in Cheese, Chocolate, Cupcakes, Orders | 5 Comments





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  1. hi there, would like to ask how u go abt making the icing for the cupcakes?


    your cupcakes, looks real good! i bet, it must taste as good as well! (:

  2. hi stella, i don’t have a fixed proportion for this cream cheese frosting. i just estimate! butter, cream cheese, icing sugar and a dash of vanilla essence.

  3. hi there. i would like to know if you take order for this. & how much you charge for the whole set? your cupcakes looks gorgeous!

  4. hi nisha, yup i do take orders for this. this set is $25 for 9 cupcakes.

  5. heyy there. i really love this and interested to order it. can you advice how to go about ordering it? btw, are u able to take my order for 30th or 31st march? do email me quickly pls! many thanks!

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