chocolate chip cookies

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this, i believe, is the best (crunchy) chocolate chip cookie recipe i have attempted to date. i brought around 60 to 70 of them for our study session and they were wiped out.

recipe from williams-sonoma’s cookies.

220g plain flour
1/2 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp baking soda
1/2 tsp salt
125g unsalted butter, at room temperature (if using salted butter, omit salt)
125g granulated sugar
105g packed light brown sugar
1 large egg
1 tsp vanilla essence
185g semi-sweet chocolate chips (i used dark couverture bits)
125g walnuts, toasted and chopped [optional] (i replaced with white chocolate bits)

1. preheat oven to 180 degrees celsius. have ready 2 ungreased baking sheets. sift flour, baking powder, baking soda and salt onto a sheet of waxed paper; set aside.

2. in a large bowl, using an electric mixer on high speed, cream the butter till fluffy and pale yellow. add the sugars and continue beating till mixture is no longer gritty. add egg and vanilla and beat on low speed until blended.

3. add the flour mixture and mix on low speed or stir with a wooden spoon until just blended. add the chocolate chips and the walnuts, if using, mixing or stirring until just blended.

4. with dampened hands, shape the dough into small balls and place on the baking sheets, spacing them about 2 inches apart.

5. bake the cookies until golden brown around the edges, about 12 minutes. let the cookies cool briefly on the sheets before transferring them to the racks to cool completely.



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  1. hi are these crunchy throughout or do they have a chewy centre?

  2. mj: it’s crunchy throughout.

  3. awww such nice cookies! i like the “elements” – enough lighting, food against a white background. you got that right already =) they look pro don’t u think? u can never go wrong with white plates. keep it up maya!

  4. thank you evan! 🙂 aiya still got a loooong way to go to reach yr standard. :p

  5. Oh my….these look fantastic! I was just thinking that its been so long since I made cookies…not since Deepavali actuali.. Guess I now know what I’m gonna be baking next! haha. mmmm, can’t wait to try these..

  6. Hi all bakers
    just for fun….

    mummy mummy I want those cookies
    they are so delicious,they look so crispy
    mummy mummy cookies are so tempting
    i can feel them in my mouth melting

    mummy mummy I have started to salivate
    I definitely no longer can wait
    mummy mummy i want cookies nowww….
    if i don’t get them, i will start a row

    Oh my dear you poor little thing
    mummy hope you can wait till this evening
    mummy will surf the blogs of sister-bakers
    and pray one will accept our cookies orders

    oh sister-bakers don’t disappoint my dear
    or throughtout the night her cries I’ll hear
    oh sister-bakers hear the cries of mummies like me
    if can’t accept orders, at least give me the recipe!!

    watching the photographs is a real pain
    but how , i will come to your blog pages again
    so spare a thought for mummies like me
    we drool, long and salivate too, can’t you see?

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    Your beautiful blog-page I appreciate
    But I find it difficult to negotiate
    Your delicious spread my sight they caress
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  8. can *i* start studying with u too? -blink- hahaha.. am feeling v. jealous of ur studying mates =]

  9. selena: HAHAHA you’re so cute. i don’t make stuff everyday laaa. you sound as if i have cookies and stuff with me everyday hahaha.

  10. […] Made Williams Sonoma’s chocolate chip cookies yesterday, from a recipe I got off Mariya’s blog. I loved the fact that it didn’t use that much butter- juts half a cup- and yet still managed to be rich and buttery. The amount of chocolate chips first seemed to be daunting but everything turned out fine in the end. All in all, a very yummy cookie…unwaveringly crisp and somewhat delicate even… a very pleasant crumbling occurred within my mouth whenever I took a bite.I omitted the nuts as well, using coverture white chocolate buttons in its place. Also used Ghirardelli chocolate chips for an intense flavor. And as I always do, I increased the vanilla to an entire tablespoon…I never feel teaspoon measures to be adequate. I love having a pronounced vanilla flavor and scent in almost anything I bake and how can a concentrated chocolate and vanilla combination ever go wrong?  […]

  11. […] my cookie monster; from this tried-and-tested recipe. however, instead of using chocolate chips, i used cadbury old gold macadamia. […]

  12. The beautiful pictures of your cookies motivated me to bake them today. Sadly, mine failed miserably. Guessed I rolled them into too big balls, when baked all turned flat and they are chewy too. Will definitely try again after I manage to “get rid” of the cookies I baked today! :p

  13. oh no i’m sorry to hear that! probably you could refrigerate the dough a while so it won’t spread that much while baking.

  14. Oh, that will help? Okie will try next time. May be I creamed the butter too long because it didn’t seem to fluff up.

  15. mayaaa!!!

    tried this and im loving it!!!! but instead of adding choc chip, i put all 3 chocs (dark, milk and white choc) inside!!! sungguh chocolatey!!!!! like it!! crunchy sgt!

    thanks babeeee!!!!


  16. Maya! Came to your page via Ashiebee’s blog. Tried this recipe this morning and I agree with you that this is the best chocolate chip cookie I have ever tasted. Thanks for the recipe!


  17. ashiebee: oppps, i tak nampak yr comment. glad you liked it!

    ijah: thanks for dropping by! 😀 yup i think this is hte best so far too. hehe. 😉

  18. […] that’s just a reflex action because most of the time, i’ll go back to my favourite chocolate chip cookie recipe. no complaints though, because i know it ranks high on his favourites list, and what can be […]

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  22. Hi,

    I made these and they were amazing! So light and crispy! Thanks so much for sharing 🙂

  23. You’re welcome, Jackie! 🙂 Glad to know it worked for you.

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