hari raya bake sale

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peach streusel coffee cake

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i was slapped with one week worth of medical leave since last thursday because i was having the flu. it’s the sixth day today and i was so bored that i decided to bake. i’m up and about now; what’s left is a niggling itchy throat that still makes me cough periodically.

i’ve been wanting to make something with streusel for the longest time and i’m glad i did. this cake is a breeze to make and it’s wonderful eaten warm from the oven.


it is sufficiently moist and the crunch of the streusel definitely won me over.

recipe here.


of cake and cupcakes

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order from a secondary school friend for her son – chocolate cake layered filled with strawberry slices and covered with chocolate ganache,


mum’s birthday peach baby-heartcakes with buttercream,


for a friend’s birthday – raspberry cupcakes with cream cheese frosting,


for two other friends’ birthdays – lemon cupcakes with cream cheese frosting,


and an order – peach cupcakes with cream cheese frosting.

peanut butter cup rice krispies bars

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these were made for a best friend’s birthday earlier this month. i love how the chocolate, peanut butter and marshmallow-y rice krispies melded; such sinful pleasure. 🙂


recipe from here.

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