double nut chocolate chip cookies

June 21, 2007 at 12:16 am | Posted in Chocolate, Cookies | 21 Comments

9 out of 10 times, when i ask the boy what he’d like me to bake, his answer will be a resounding “cookies.” after that i’ll ponder over what cookie to make, leafing through my cookbooks in the hopes of trying out a new recipe. i think that’s just a reflex action because most of the time, i’ll go back to my favourite chocolate chip cookie recipe. no complaints though, because i know it ranks high on his favourites list, and what can be more satisfying seeing a loved one eat one cookie after another?

this time, i added walnuts and sliced roasted almonds.


the midnight snack of champions.


the cookie monster and his loot.




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  1. Hey Maya, can I know what is light brown sugar? I added brown sugar and my cookie turn out to be chewy. =(

  2. hmm… it’s the beige-coloured one? brown sugar will be the dark one i think. but the one phoon huat stocks is just called “brown sugar.”

  3. Oh, thanks Maya!!! Yea, I’ve only got the brown sugar from NTUC, I dont know whether it’s the dark one or the light one. I suspect the cookie turn chewy because of the brown sugar so I went to phoon huat the other day and bought the brown sugar and the dark brown one. Hehehe…

    Will try the recipe again later!!! Hopefully it turns out CRUNCHY!!! THANKS!!!

  4. Hey Maya, it’s me again. =X

    I did this cookies again and it turns out crunchy!!! Thanks for sharing this recipe!!! The rest of the cookies are for my friends tml and I believe they will like it too. =D

  5. hey bernice, glad it turned out right this time! 🙂

  6. heyyy!
    i prefer chewy cookies over crunchy ones! to bernice: are your chewy cookies nicely chewy..something like the subway cookies?
    if so, what IS that brown sugar you got?
    i’ve been trying to perfect that chewy cookies i love so much, but i still get crunchy ones all the time! (even though they’re still nice and i still eat them by the dozen, haha!)

  7. Hey Priscilla, the chewiness (is there such a word?) is not like those from subways. It’s more like cookies being left open in the air for too long kind. If you’re chinese, it’s like lou feng kind but still edible. I hope you understand what I mean. I suck with description.

    If you want those from subway, I tried one recipe before and it’s close to the one from subway.

    Sorry Maya for tagging and messing up your thread.

  8. hi maya, just wanna thank you for baking my soccer field birthday cake. i really appreciate it loads, cuz i’ve always wanted a soccer field cake when i was young, so thank u so much for making it happen.
    i am utterly grateful.

  9. nadia: you’re welcome dear. 😉 i’m glad i had a part to play in making your “dream” come true. must thank you darling friends for believing in me also!

  10. bernice: i get what you mean by loufeng. and thanks!i’ll try out that recipe sometime 🙂
    maya: sorry for diverging from YOUR cookies haha!hope you don’t mind 🙂 i like your stuff tooo,i frequent your site almost everyday!

  11. Hey hey KakMaya! 😀
    When you said “cookies”, I was instantly reminded of my sister’s ex-school pet, a turtle name Cookie. So when you mentioned cookie, I was childishly thinking, ohmygod Makan Turtle!
    Heh, I know, just roll your eyes 😀
    Btw, where do you always buy your ingredients? Is Mustafa Centre a good choice? Is Macamademia (i lurrrveeee!) expensive? Why is it so if it is?

  12. priscilla and bernice: no problem, this is a learning space! 🙂

    mirah: hurhur, turtle eh. :p i always buy my ingredients from phoon huat, it’s a baking supplies shop with may branches. the nearest one to you will be in JE, some blocks from the library. yes macadamia is expensive… dunno why pulak.

  13. Hi

    Im new to baking, just wanna check is bicarbonate of soda similar to baking soda??


  14. Macadamia nuts are just as expensive as pecans, brazilians, hazels etc as they only thrive well in temperate climate and are seasonal(compared to groundnuts and cashews – easily grown and can be harvested throughout the year)Groundnuts grow in bunches in the ground, and the harvest from a small plant can be up to 1 kg. They are easily cultivated and take about 6 months to reach maturity. So an acre of land can produce a few hundred kgs! Temperate nuts grow on trees and the trees take a few years to bear fruit. The cultivating, harvesting and processing take more time and require more labour. So I guess that is why they are more expensive lah…….

  15. Hi Maya, I’m thinking of getting a digital kitchen scale as it is more accurate. Can I know where you get yours? Thanks!!!

  16. wingigi: yes it’s the same. 🙂

    ayah: thank you very much, i’m sure a lot of people will find that explanation useful. 😀

    bernice: my mum got ours from tangs dept store. i’m sure many dept stores/baking supplies shop have them.

  17. Thanks Maya! Coz I think it’s best I do some research around about the price and functions before investing in one. I checked that some can easily cost close to $100 so better research around. =P

  18. hi maya,

    tried your choc chips recipe yesterday, bring them to the office today and everybody loves it..
    thanks for sharing the recipe..
    look forward to try the others…

    pictures are in my blog. 😉

  19. Thank you Kak Maya and Kak Maya’s dad. Very useful information 🙂

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