nutella biscotti

January 8, 2007 at 9:33 pm | Posted in Cookies | 7 Comments

i read somewhere on the net that biscotti is italian for any type of cookie or biscuit, but i believe we are more inclined to associate it with a drier and crunchier cookie. it’s perfect for dunking. i had a couple of sticks with cold milk yesterday.


recipe from here. the cookie turned out to be very crisp and had a nutty aroma. the only thing i’ll bear in mind next time is to cut the logs into thinner slices, so it won’t be too hard (pun intended!) to bite off.



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  1. very lovely! i reckon nutella ones will lend a better aroma, coz so far the other biscottis i made tasted pretty bland. not much taste yet at the same time sweet.

  2. mayaaa 🙂

    i know this is something random and langsung takde kaitan with this post…but i was wondering, let say i have a cake recipe but i want to change it into cupcakes, will the baking time+temperature be the same as baking the one,big cake?

    thanks maya!


  3. evan: yup i guess it has a better flavour, more “depth” in that sense.

    ashiebee: nope, you have to reduce the baking time. temperature can be the same, usually around 160-170 degrees. cupcakes bake around 20-25 mins. 🙂 just keep on checking with a skewer/toothpick!

  4. Where is the Nutella Biscotti ? thanks, Annette

  5. the recipe is linked in the entry. the line after the first picture – click the word “here.”

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