chocolate banana cake

October 19, 2006 at 4:08 am | Posted in Birthdays, Cakes, Chocolate | 6 Comments

later today the jc girls will be having a break-fast-cum-birthday gathering, in celebration of fauziah’s 23rd. a couple of days ago i asked for her favourite fruit and flavours. she mentioned bananas and told me that she was “not fussy about flavours.” i didn’t have many ideas relating to bananas – it was either a banana cake with cream cheese frosting (i don’t know if it was appropriate for a birthday, whatever that may mean) or a chocolate banana cake. i thought of secret recipe’s and told myself i’d give it a try. (although i know it will not taste anything like that)

chitz recently posted about an eggless chocolate banana cake – i wanted to use that recipe but i didn’t have lemon juice at hand. (i didn’t want to risk going wrong) i also have this recent self-imposed rule that if i bake for birthdays/orders, it must be something i’ve done before. :p

so i used my chocolate cupcake recipe and baked it in 2 round pans. then i made a simple ganache out of cream and chocolate and whipped it for a few minutes to get a more creamy consistency, spread on one cake, arranged sliced bananas and then sandwiched it with the other cake. more ganache was spread on top, and then decorated with sugar hearts and silver dragees.



i hope it will taste alright. *fingers crossed*


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  1. hi! you take beautiful pictures (: might i know what camera you use!

    p.s. i guess the object of the picture must be beautiful too, that is YOUR CAKES & STUFF.

    I totally adore ur blog!

  2. thank you so much jia, you’re really too kind! i’m using a simple sony T33. 🙂

  3. such a lovely cake maya! would love to have a slice :p by the way, i’d like to ask u something. do u know where i can get pink chocolate curls? and chocolate chips in pink? i don’t think i seen it anywhere but i’ve seen ppl using it on their blogs. thx!

  4. This cake sounds so good!! I would love to know where your found the recipe!!

  5. evan: i got pink chocolate chips at lee bee, a shop at jurong west st 52, near jurong springs cc. it’s actually strawberry flavoured chocolate. phoon huat has them in blocks, you could make your own curls, i guess? 🙂

    talinan: i just used a basic chocolate cake recipe and stuffed bananas in between! 😀

  6. How do u pipe your letterings & those cream stars? My piping tube cant pipe out nice stars. Gosh! im simply bake idiot for all.

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