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peach cupcakes with cream cheese frosting


chocolate cupcakes with cream cheese frosting


chocolate cupcakes with chocolate ganache for my favourite class 🙂


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  1. I like all of it…u r born to bake gerl…

  2. Hello,

    May I know where you got the lovely blue little sprinkles, it makes the topping so pretty =)

  3. You mean the purplish-blue looking ones? I got it in Aussie…

    • yup the purplish-blue looking ones. Oh you got it from Aussie, no wonder, didn’t come across anything like that over here. Ok thanks for the info =)

  4. I think they might have it here… prob in the specialty shops. You might want to try Bake-It-Yourself – 182 Bt Timah Road.

  5. Mel, this might be another site you would find of use. I bought some stuff from here before, pretty reliable and they have many cutesy things!

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