February 13, 2009 at 11:26 pm | Posted in Chocolate | 7 Comments

it has been so long! december had me out of the country most of the days, and things have gotten pretty hectic now that i’m holding a full time job. i’ve been doing some baking though, just the same old things that i think didn’t deserve a post. it’s the middle of february already, how fast time flies. a lot of things have transpired, and i’m happy where i am right now. 🙂

here’s a few pretty pictures of happy-looking truffles. no exact recipe; i mixed random amounts of whipping cream and dark chocolate. heat up the cream in the microwave, add the chocolate and stir until you get a smooth thick concoction, chill it for some time, roll into balls and decorate to your heart’s pleasure!





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  1. wow the truffles really are happy looking! haha so sweet 🙂

  2. they look amazing! do u hav the recipe?

  3. ladyironchef: thank you!

    esther: thank you. 🙂 nope i don’t have exact measurements, all estimated. sorry!

  4. Those are adorable! How lucky was the recipent of those truffles? Very pretty.

  5. thank you kelly! 🙂

  6. Hi maya,

    These truffles look lovely, Did u temper the chocolates? making truffles is quite a messy affair. The bad thing about making truffles in singapore is the hot and humid weather. They tend to soften quickly once out of the refrigerator.

  7. nope i didn’t! it’s a really really foolproof/lazy way. yours look lovely!

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