chocolate chip muffins

October 27, 2008 at 12:34 am | Posted in Chocolate, Muffins | 4 Comments

these taste best warm, accompanied by a glass of cold milk. (doesn’t milk just go with everything?)



and this set is for a dear friend (and her family) who invited me over for deepavali lunch tomorrow. 🙂


recipe taken from here; i just omitted the cinnamon.


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  1. hi kak maya…

    i been a great fan of yar blog… truly motivate me to be as good as you r…. hehehe…. eets so nice to see all yar delicious creations… 🙂

    im so interested to make yar cream cheese frosting… been trying to get the nice creamcheese frosting… unfortunately… all masuk waste bin… 😦

    i hope u can give me some pointers… thanks… nwae pls do keep posting… yar lovely creations…

  2. hello ana,

    thank you so much for dropping by. practice makes you better, so just continue baking! 🙂

    i’m sorry but i don’t have an exact recipe. and i always main agak-agak. you beat the cream cheese and a bit of softened butter (until you get a smooth consistency) then you add in icing sugar. put in bit by bit and keep tasting until you like the taste. if you want it to be more tangy, go slow on the sugar. if you like it to taste a little vanilla-ey, add in a few drops of vanilla essence. 🙂

  3. thankies kak… u real motivation sey… hehehe…. do keep up wif the interesting creation so yars… 🙂

  4. ana: thank you, you so sweet la! 🙂

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