cranberry cheesecake

September 23, 2008 at 1:17 am | Posted in Cakes, Cheese, Fruit, Orders | 2 Comments

last week i received a request for a cranberry cheesecake, and i admit i was quite intimidated because i’ve never worked with cranberries in cakes before. i’ve never come across frozen cranberries (probably in cold storage?) so i had to come up with something using dried ones.

the very nice lady who requested for this actually showed me a couple of recipes for the cranberry topping; i made a few modifications and it turned out fine. i just threw into a pot a packet of dried organic cranberries (i opted for this instead of craisins), water, sugar and a teaspoon of gelatine powder. the cranberries swelled sufficiently and the mixture was not too watery.



there’s something so appealing about this cake. i think it’s the striking red hues! i deliberately spooned the liquid around the perimeter of the cake and let it drip down the sides.


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  1. That looks delicious, I think I will try making it but will drench the whole sides with the red sauce. Would you mind if I added this recipe to my website

  2. The cake looks pretty. Since you had great success of using dried cranberries, I will try mine to make non-bake cranberry cheesecake soon too.

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