nutella bread pudding

May 4, 2008 at 8:23 pm | Posted in Chocolate, Other Desserts | 10 Comments

i don’t know who still drops by this *dusty* blog, but here’s a quickie. i baked this pudding for my new-found lovely NIE gang. this is really easy to make!


just one modification – i didn’t follow the amount of nutella as stated in the recipe. i just slathered copious amounts on the bread and to top it up, i spread another luscious layer after the pudding was taken out from the oven. 🙂

recipe from here.


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  1. i still come! because i have google reader 😉

    continue posting more pics and recipes!! when evil nie spares you the time of course 🙂 but hope it’s treating you well!!

  2. sel where have you beeeeen? hahaha. i’m just waiting for the holidays. -_- i hope you’re well! sigh i miss everyone…

  3. maya this looks so delectably sinfulllll. hahaha. trust you to slap on MORE nutella post- bake! it looks very nice, especially the edges… like the crispy- crispy, slightly burnt bits. i LOVE those parts of bread pudding. mmmm. imagine having this with vanilla ice cream! BLISS. okay i am rambling on, but this does look heavenly. 😀

  4. i still come babe…i still come…:)
    hope life’s treating u well in NIE…
    love ya.

  5. I still peep here every now n then for ur yummylicious recipes..and yes that nutella bread pudding is seriously sinful dessert..thanks for sharing maya…

  6. lavaniah: hehehe so nice of you. eh we must meet up during the hols!

    lynda: no problem babe! 😀

  7. Maya!

    You’re in nie? welcome to the club man. Hehehe. Where are you posted to for Practicum? I heard your batch’s postings are out.

    Anyway I am so envious of you in many ways – how on earth do you find the time to squeeze making all this delish? And my, you’re so talented!

    But again, maybe many has told you that already. 🙂 I somehow lost that craziness in baking since donkey years ago. maybe I shall start again with that palatable pudding recipe of yours… Yummy!

  8. hello dear! 😀 lucky you, yr practicum’s ovahhhh! yeah my posting is out, i’m flung to a isolated corner of yishun. -_- i’m really dreading it so i’ll make sure i’ll enjoy the hols. yes this pudding is damn easy to do! anyway take care and see you if i bump into you in school!

  9. may i know what kind of bread did u use? is the sunshine/ gardenia ones sufficient? or thicker ones would be better? thanks!!!

  10. ayu: yes the sunshine/gardenia ones will be sufficient. 🙂

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