birthday cake

August 5, 2007 at 11:18 am | Posted in Birthdays, Cakes, Cheese, Chocolate, Fruit | 16 Comments

yesterday we had an advanced birthday celebration for my aunt, and i made this:


i have to admit that i cheated – i used phoon huat’s chocolate sponge mix. but i’m not remorseful or anything, because it gave me the height i wanted and the texture was very nice and fluffy! i sandwiched the two layers with cream cheese frosting, arranged a layer of sliced strawberries and then frosted the whole cake.



happy birthday, mak su!


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  1. Hi… can I ask how you made the pink wordings… I always do the buttercream but it sweats after a while.

  2. that’s cream cheese icing too – butter, icing sugar, cream cheese and vanilla icing. i don’t have exact proportions though, i just estimate.

  3. Look at the size of those strawberries!! 🙂

    The cake is lovely.

  4. pat: haha don’t be fooled, we seldom get juicy SWEET strawberries in this part of the world. -_- looks can be deceiving!

  5. thanks

  6. so nice!! nadia’s mum looks as pretty as always hehe.

  7. yummy!!! eh.. and ur mak su, dont really look very ‘mak-ish’. haha.

  8. hazz: HAHA. yeah la she like forever young like that eh? some people got all the luck lorrrr. she and my cousin like gilmore girls. hehe.

  9. Hello, I know this is rather random, but I’m not sure if you are aware that we are having our (annual) food bloggers dinner at Le Papillon on 1 Sept, Saturday. You are invited to join us! Just rsvp with me and let me know if you have any dietary restrictions. Hope to see you there!

  10. i am a great fan of your site. one of the links on shaz’s blog that i love to visit. i love looking at your foodS! 🙂

  11. Ah lovely cake there!

  12. Hi
    just browsing by and i was struck by the name ‘she paints the kitchen red’. A wonderful blogsite and i certainly will draw inspirations and ideas from you blog to make them here in Botswana, Africa. Am a fellow cake maker and surf to pick up newer possibilities to delight the palate.Do pass by my blog whenever you can.

  13. Hi! Can I ask some questions regarding cakes? May I know the method and the quantity of the ingredients of your cream cheese icing? Is it suitable for frosting a layered Mango cake? Or do you have any icing which can replace whipping cream but does not spoil the taste of the fruit cake? Thanks a lot!

  14. hi kelly, unfortunately i don’t have a fixed recipe for the cream cheese icing that i make. you could try googling, many will come up. i just mix cream cheese, icing sugar and butter until it tastes ok and the texture’s spreadable but not too thin. you could also add a few drops of vanilla essence/extract. 🙂

  15. Hi Maya, thanks so much for the prompt reply! Yup I’m on the hunt for ‘healthy’ frosting for cakes, frosting/icing that tastes good but does not involve too much whipping cream or butter. Will let you know if I ever find/come up with one! I really love your website & all your beautiful creations 🙂

  16. kelly: thank you so much for your kind words! 😀

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