melvados – the original brownie cafe

July 29, 2007 at 11:06 pm | Posted in Reviews | 9 Comments

today, the boy had a couple of hours to spare before his production meeting so we thought it’d be a good idea to chill at a cafe. i immediately thought of a particular one at bukit timah, one which a friend and i passed by exactly a week ago.

since we already had breakfast, we decided to share a meal. for starters, we had the fresh salad, which comprised shredded lettuce, raisins, sliced olives, baby tomatoes and capsicums. ($5.90+)


we didn’t really like this dish because the taste of the olive came through too strongly, and we discovered there were actually slivers of onions in it. the dressing was nice, but that wasn’t enough to salvage this dish. (in our opinion at least)


after that, we had the mushroom cream sauce spaghetti ($7.90+). this was very good – the cream sauce was substantial (not the campbell’s mushroom soup base kind) and there were a lot of mushrooms, to our delight. the cream sauce was not cloying, and neither it was too “heavy.”


we shared a passion twister ($7.00+), a gem from their gourmet pot tea selection. i have to admit, i was sold by the line on the menu that said “all pot teas are served with a plate of assorted cookies.” πŸ™‚ the tea was good – green tea with a hint of rose hips and the fruity taste of passion fruit. by the way, their pot teas serve 2; we had a total of 2 cups each if i remember correctly.


we ended our gastronomic indulgence with a plate of black and white kisses ($5.90+), an absolutely moist brownie studded with white and dark chocolate chips, served with a dollop of good vanilla ice cream and drizzle with strawberry sauce. this sent us to chocolate heaven. i liked the fact that the brownie wasn’t overly dense and rich, so we didn’t have problems licking the plate clean.

i’d definitely come back again. the ambience of the cafe is pleasant and soothing, a perfect place to chill and catch up with friends. i’d love to try their hotplate brownie and their wide array of both hot and cold beverages!

Melvados – The Original Brownie Cafe
559, Bukit Timah Road, King’s Arcade Center
#01-01 Singapore 269695
Tel: 6469 3101
Fax: 6469 3102

Opening Hours

Monday – Sunday (Unless Otherwise Specified)

11:00am – 10:30pm

(Last Order 9:30pm)


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  1. i usually go there for the brownies when i was still studying at Ngee Ann Poly =D the hotplate brownie is very very good!

  2. nadia: ok now that you have vouched for its goodness, i shall gobble that up next! πŸ˜€ thank you! πŸ˜€

  3. Oh my God, that brownie looks like it’s to die for. YUMMM!

  4. it is! πŸ™‚

  5. mayaaaaaaaaa……… u make me wanna go there and try the brownies.. and the tea.. green tea and rose hips.. with passion fruit.. sure sounds heavenly seyy…

  6. hey! has that place just become halal? brilliant!

  7. ladym: oh no it’s not certified halal. i just went there for the non-meat dishes and the desserts. it is pork-free though.

  8. awww. can’t go there then. =( if you do find any nice halal places do give a shoutout! tc!

  9. that mushroom thingy looks like laksa sey.. to me. pekat punya laksa sey! hehhe.. sedap.

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