triple chocolate cookies

July 14, 2007 at 12:11 am | Posted in Chocolate, Cookies | 11 Comments

nothing quite like a perk-him-up than a bag of cookies. 🙂


these cookies pack a load of chocolate!

adapted from the cookie book; catherine atkinson

3.5 oz. milk chocolate, chopped
3.5 oz. white chocolate chips
4 oz. dark chocolate, melted
3.5 oz. dark chocolate, chopped
3.5 oz. butter, softened
1 tsp vanilla essence
5 oz. light brown sugar
5 oz. plain flour
1 tsp baking powder

1. preheat oven to 160 degrees celsius. line two baking sheets with baking parchment. coarsely chop the milk chocolate and put it together in a bowl with the white chocolate chips.

2. chop the dark chocolate and melt it in the microwave. stir until completely melted and smooth. stir in the butter, vanilla essence and brown sugar.

3. add the flour and baking powder and mix gently. add the chopped dark chocolate, chopped milk chocolate and white chocolate chips. mix until well combined.

4. shape into balls of desired size and arrange on baking sheets, leaving space for spreading. bake 12-14 minutes. cool on baking sheets.


although this recipe doesn’t use eggs, the cookies do not crumble easily. they taste really intense, and as expected, go really well with cold cold milk. 🙂



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  1. Ouh yeah, your cookies are the bomb! Seriously, I ate like a few pieces from my box and the following day, I got home to find out that my brother had gobbled the rest up. So heart pain!

  2. su: hehehe takkan la sampai gitu! :p actually i prefer the chocolate chip cookies. this one a bit too chocolatey for me. haha.

  3. hi dear.. so 4oz is roughly 112grms rite? hehe i am gonna try a hand at these cookies and see how it goes.. can we use norm cadbury choc? like milk, dark and the white milk bars at ntuc and stuff? or do i need to use the baking stuff? thanks alot.. and as usual, great bakes 🙂 cant wait for ur next post.. hehe u give me inspiration to bake, a great destresser during the sch hols!

  4. haha sorry eh.. such a long post.. bleah i got too carried away.. hehe!

  5. hi nithya, oops i didn’t change to grams so i’m not very sure. do check online weight converters, that’s what i do sometimes. 🙂 you need to use good quality eating chocolate – cadbury old gold is fine but for milk and white i suggest lindt. or if you prefer, go for chips. i used the baking couverture dark chocolate drops from phoon huat, scraps of milk chocolate my aunt bought from paris and white chocolate chips!

  6. What wouldn’t I give for a couple of these right now!!! 🙂

  7. are these crisp? or chewy?

  8. patricia: lol. bake them! 😀

    mj: it’s both actually. crisp on the sides and it gets chewier inside.

  9. cool but may i know where you buy the boxes ?
    i find it cool
    i wanted to give my teaches the cookies but i donnoe where to buy the boxes

    the cookies are very tasty 😀

  10. i made them but my cookies got a bit burnt around the edges, but it still tasted good!

    i wish my cookies were as good as yours 😦

  11. […] adapted from here. i didn’t use milk choc as i didn’t have any on hand, so they’re double choc […]

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