iced sugar cookies

June 4, 2007 at 1:02 am | Posted in Cookies | 15 Comments

i’ve always admired beautifully decorated sugar cookies with bright colours. they were something i considered almost impossible to do – i am really intimidated by royal icing. i don’t know what prompted me to try them; i wouldn’t say i’ve gotten the consistency right (the piped letters) but i think it’s pretty decent for a first time.


the recipe for the cookies is from here, and the icing was an modification/estimation of the royal icing recipe on the icing sugar packet which i bought from phoon huat. i know i still have a lot of room for improvement in terms of the icing, something i’d gladly practise on.


for the girls i’m meeting tomorrow…


and for the boy. 🙂


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  1. chantekknyeeee!

  2. pwetty 🙂 🙂 🙂

  3. so niceeeeeeeee!! i like the stars!!!

  4. hehe thank you girls!

  5. i fear (royal) icing as much as you fear bread making.


    pretty pretty.

  6. they looked as pretty as the maker. 🙂

  7. faizah: one day insya allah i’ll get over that fear. haha. one fine day.

    dayah: no. the cookies ONLY are pretty. haha.

  8. maya…wanna chk with u….i want to find something like this for kid’s berkats for my wedding…but those with stick on the cookies.can u quote me for abt 200-300pcs?

  9. egad!
    me and my siblings did similar things couple of weeks back. but yours are lovely and neat..

    we did gingerbread cookies and decorated the top with icing sugar + milk (not expert to do royal icing like you yet!)
    the link is here

  10. haha cute nak mampus. i won’t eat seh. sebab sayang. i still own a gingerbread man and a bunny shaped chocolate. sayang nak makan. haha.

  11. lynda: i’m afraid i am not confident of making these for sale just yet… sorry! still a lot of room for improvement.

    laydiefa: yours are very pretty! 😀 royal icing involves estimation actually. very trial-and-error.

    fiza: hahaha tak mouldy ke biskut2 tu? :p

  12. Arghhhhhhhhhhh, cannot look at your pictures lahhhh. Drooling already. The choccies look superbbbb. :)~

  13. hurhur but sometimes pictures misleading! :p thanks btw. 😉

  14. hi how did you write the words on top?? (:

  15. hi alison, it’s royal icing. 🙂

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