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  1. Ooh your cupcakes and cakes are so pretty! how on earth do you spread the icing so nicely? icing has always been a huge challenge for me.

  2. coffeesnob: thank you! i still need a LOT of practice on my whole cakes, trust me. upclose there are a lot of “patches.” :p

  3. Hey Maya, can I know where do you buy the “wordings” or you made them yourself?

    Thanks and lovely cupcakes you have, you’re really talented.

  4. hi bernice, thank you. 🙂 i use marzipan for the wordings. they have ready made ones in selected cold storages. or you could use fondant too.

  5. Thanks Maya, I’ll pay a trip to cold storage soon!!!

    Btw, can I ask you one more question? How do you buy a piping bag? Because I went to Phoon Huat and the stuff, like nozzle and piping bags etc are separate. Ok, I know it sound dumb but I really need some help. Thanks!!!

  6. i think you’re talking about the metal nozzles. there are actually sets that have the nozzle and piping bag together.

  7. Hi! i totally adore your cupcakes, how do you make those little flower bits thats spread around the icing? sorry! im a beginner!

  8. flower bits? you mean the coloured cream? that’s piped buttercream.


  10. ain: thank you. 🙂 email me; refer to right hand corner of page.

  11. Hi. I really love all ur cupcakes. In fact, im inspired to make some for my fren’s bday in 3 day’s time! So i need advice. i cant seem to find the recipe for the choc cupcake with marshmallow (top pic) and the choc glaze. U mind sharing with me?

    btw what’s marzipan, and what does it look like? as in paste, powder or…? sry i’m still very much a noob. haha… thx in advance! :0

  12. hello cas, thanks for your comment. sorry i can’t give out my chocolate cupcake/glaze recipe cuz i accept orders for those. hope you’ll understand.

    marzipan is almond paste, you can find ready made ones in packets at selected cold storages.

  13. Sis! Your cupcakes are real pretty!! I’ve been reading your blog for quite sometime now.. Don’t mind if i link you up ok!! =)

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