durian puffs

April 16, 2007 at 11:03 pm | Posted in Fruit | 9 Comments

shidah gave me 5 durian puffs on saturday and i was terribly yearning for one. (being the generous girl that i am, i left 2 for the boy) yesterday my dad bought 6 styrofoam boxes of D24 durians – no prizes for guessing what i made!


i (re)used this recipe for the choux and it didn’t disappoint. the little globs of dough magically transformed into fluffy hollow puffs. the filling was pure unadulterated fresh durian pulp, with the addition of a little bit of whipping cream.


it’s heaven in (two) mouthfuls.



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  1. puffs + durians = you cant go wrong!

    oh boy yummy yummy. durian dah musim eh?

  2. hehe yes! never will go wrong. 😉 hmm i’m not sure whether it’s musim already or not… but should be la kan, since they’re selling. :p

  3. urmmmm never jumpe durian puffs before! sedap kee? hehehe…still, bukannye ade durian dkt london ni 😛

    work hard for your coming exam maya! and good luck 🙂


  4. Allah!! sedapnyerrrrr!

  5. ashie: eh you didn’t know that there were durian puffs? tu laaa kat london dah lama! hehehe.

    rini: yes! sedap! gi buat! hehehe. 😉

  6. gurl, i was wondering if you were able to make durian cupcakes for a bdae celeb for 5 ppl? How much would it cost? Thanks.

  7. hihi, what sort/what brand of whipping cream did you use?

  8. i usually use millac from phoon huat (blue packet) or emborg.

  9. thanks dear!!

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