muffins, times two

April 5, 2007 at 12:52 am | Posted in Chocolate, Fruit, Muffins | 2 Comments

i wanted to finish up the tub of yoghurt sitting in the fridge, so i decided to make muffins. this afternoon i had a slice of “15-blueberries-on-a-cheesecake” (yes, that IS the name of the cake) at starbucks, and that made me decide on blueberry muffins.

i remember one of chitz’s recent posts featured blueberry muffins, and i tried this recipe. this recipe called for the creaming method instead of the usual “dump-everything-and-mix” technique. hence, the resulting texture was more cake-like than bread-like, just the way i like it. bread-like textured muffins tend to dry out more quickly, in my opinion at least. either that, or it’s usually dry from the very start.

i thought the batter was too much for a pack of blueberries, so i divided the batter into two and added 2 bananas (which i diced) and a healthy handful of chocolate chips.



surprisingly i preferred the taste of the banana-chocolate-chips one! i found the blueberry ones were lacking in sweetness. on the contrary, the one with bananas were moist and wonderful with a glass of cold milk. 🙂



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  1. banana-chocolate muffin that tastes like cake?

  2. hehe try it! i think just overload it with bananas and it’ll become moist. the more the better!

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