vanilla cherry cupcakes

April 2, 2007 at 7:25 pm | Posted in Birthdays, Cupcakes, Fruit | 4 Comments

yesterday we had a birthday celebration of two dear friends. one of the birthday boys requested for something “non-chocolate” (presumably because we always have chocolate for birthdays) and i needed to think of something simple (because my weekend was rather jam-packed with activities) and at the same time, pleasant to the taste buds.

i was choosing between peaches and dark cherries, and decided on the latter. i used a tried-and-tested vanilla cupcake recipe and the only modification i did was to add diced canned pitted dark cherries (i didn’t realise how many i actually used). to top these cuties off, i used this buttercream recipe, which turned out well in my opinion – not too sweet.




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  1. maya, your swirls are too beautiful! you shdnt shy away from them like u said u always do. and i like the fact that the frosting doesnt cover the whole cake. it makes the cake visible at the same time doesnt look like there’s alot of cream, otherwise will get abit sick of it lah. great job girl!!

  2. it looks sooooooooooooo nice you know! =D

  3. evan: thank you for your kind comments! yup i think it’s prettier to do a big swirl in the centre rather than covering the whole cupcake. will try more! 🙂

    dayah: hehe thank you! 😉

  4. Hey maya, glad to see you’re back…missed ya posts for a bit there! 🙂 Anyways, these are so pretty…i can just imagine how great those dark cherries would have tasted in the vanilla cake. And that frosting looks lovely! yum.

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