chocolate fudge cake

March 18, 2007 at 7:30 pm | Posted in Birthdays, Cakes, Chocolate, Orders | 16 Comments

the reason i always shy away from making whole cakes is because i really have no aptitude in decorating them. i think chitz decorates cakes excellently! that’s why i prefer to stick to cupcakes you see, because they’re so tiny and cute, and that makes decorating them easier. with whole cakes you need to fiddle with the layers (i am horrible at slicing them into even layers) and i never seem to get that glossy nice finish when applying ganache/cream.


the reason i obliged was because this order was from a friend whom i know personally; from his brother actually. i used this recipe that was recommended by chitz, and i hope it turned out well. the three layers were sandwiched with chocolate ganache and fresh strawberries. it was then topped with more chocolate ganache, and ganache stars were piped all around the bottom border of the cake. it is really death by chocolate. 😀

the top was decorated with MORE chocolate ganache stars and maltesers.


ps: faidz, i hope your brother and his friends liked it!


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  1. maya babe, my bro loves it alot la. even my mom likes it. don’t worry. and he intends to order EVERY month (so maybe you can experiment the kinds of decorations). haha.

    and oh, i wanna order cupcakes for my cousin’s solemnisation in may. details i’ll contact you personally ah k.

    thanks once again. 🙂

  2. faidz: thank you la dude. i really appreciate your support all this while. 😉

  3. pssstt…are you in the law&soci class at BTC? have i got the right person here? =)

    i have always been a lurker on your blog. you are such a baking whizz. i usually visit your page to drool because i cannot bake to save my life.

    anyway, there’s a friendster group that several (Muslim) foodies and bloggers and I have just started. We are looking to go on makan outings and have food swaps. do join us if you like. we’d love it if you do! =)

    meantime, take care!


  4. hi maya! do a search for “Makan Kakis” on Friendster and add it to your account! =)))

    there are several posts about chocolate. and a possible outing.

    your latest post is killing me……………….*drool*

  5. Maya, this looks great!! I love how the ganache is so dark and luxurious…yum!

    And those maple-butter cookies..I’m gonna steal your m&m deco idea. haha!!

    I’m so excited that both the recipes worked for you as well..sometimes it’s scary putting up recipes on my blog cos I’m not sure if others who try it will love the end product as much as I do. But thankfully, these turned out well!! hehe..

  6. chitz: go on and do it, ideas are for sharing! 😀 i loved the crunch of the maple butter cookies. 😉 i’m using this recipe for a small bazaar sale in school next wk, see how it goes! 😉

  7. maya, how did u do the ganache????

    thanks babe *hugs*

  8. it’s just adding chocolate to warmed whipping cream. 🙂 i play around with the proportion of chocolate until i get the consistency i want; no fixed recipe.

  9. mayaaaa

    if the middle part of the cake mcm lembik2 but the tepi mcm dah masak, what to do huh??? and why like that one? i didnt beat betul kah?


  10. erkkks i don’t know leh. you followed that recipe is it? i did okay ape… :p ikut nasib!

  11. hi maya… do you think you can share with me the recipe for chocolate ganache? i’m planning on baking a chocolate cake and i don’t have the recipe for the ganache.

  12. nur: for the ganache i don’t follow any specific recipe. just heat up some cream over a double boiler, take it off from the heat when you start to see bubbles appearing, then mix in chopped dark chocolate. as a rule of thumb, use 2 parts of chocolate to 1 part of cream.

  13. maya..can i check with u..which one taste better..heavy cream or the whipped cream for the chocolate ganache..?thanks babe..

  14. lynda: you mean the cream in the tin (nestle) as compared to whipping cream? the former will give you a thicker consistency, you could pipe it. the latter will give you a pouring consistency, if refrigerated it will set easily though. hope that helps. 🙂

  15. yeah..the nestle heavy cream..i tried to use that for the choc ganache but taste kinda weird…ill try the whip cream as mentioned.. 😉 thanks for your tips maya 😉

  16. What kind of whipped cream do u use? ive tried those prepacked but i simply cant get it stiff enough & it’ll melt easily. And btw, what is ganache used for? decorating the cake or for layering? im quite confused & have yet to try.

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