korova cookies

February 25, 2007 at 11:01 pm | Posted in Chocolate, Cookies | 4 Comments

when i read her entry, i knew i had to try this someday. it became an installment for the boy’s birthday present.

the picture doesn’t do justice to the taste of the cookies, primarily because i took it in bad lighting. they were superb; the boy said that the chocolate taste is a “shot to the head.” i had six at one sitting with a glass of cold milk.


i didn’t get perfect rounds because i was in a hurry to bake them off (it was past 1 in the morning) and i think my chocolate bits were a tad too large, but these has been one of the best cookies i have ever made. and one note, i substituted the fleur de sel with normal salt.


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  1. Oh woW!! ANother lip-smacking post!
    Haha, I love the fact that your bday presents have ‘installments’… how lucky is he! *grin*

    Now I feel like baking off another batch of these…

  2. chitz: i hope he realises that he’s lucky. :p these are sooooo addictive, i dare say it beats my *fave* choc chip hands down!!

  3. babe, i have to say these are THE BEST chocolate cookies i’ve ever tasted…forget black athena..this is black gold man…hee..

  4. shidah: yes babe! they are! 😉 shot through the head kan.

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