chinese new year cupcakes

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  1. These look awesome!!

  2. omgosh! i so need to gush over ur cny cupcakes! so adorableeeee!!!! haha… i bet my mom wil agree 😉

  3. heheheh thank you so much! 🙂

  4. ISH! Nice lah Maya. And looks super delicious. Cute plak tu. If you make for me, I sayang want to makan. LOL!

  5. cute… click here to view mine 😉

  6. love all the pretty cupcakes you made!

  7. Maya, these are gorgeous!!! So festive…perfect for cny. And with accurate detailing too. haha. I love how the fortune sign is upside down, like how they hang it in homes. So clever!! =)

  8. hey babe…will u be too busy to take orders for april?

  9. thank you all! i really appreciate the comments. 😉

    chitz: my mum was the one who told me that. hehehe.

    haz: insya allah. ask me nearer the date ok?

  10. my class is putting on a chinese new year party because we are studying china right now

    we have all these cool designs like a cina town house and a GIANT DRAGON BOAT i am part of the dragon group and i was planing on making cupcakes and putting little wavy dragons on 2 toothpics and sticking themin the cupcakes
    thgouht it was a cute idea

    any toher ideas
    please tell me thanks

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