cakes in cups

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  1. Hey babe! Thank you once again for the cakes. I’ve already eaten 4 (one of each)! The cream cheese frosting is so yummy, especially the strawberry+cheese combi. Yum yum yummmieh!

    Thanks again yeah. 🙂

  2. The blue swirls look lovely!…and I love that shade…

    And most importantly, thanks so so much for the buttercake recipe. Can’t wait to try it out. Thanks again!

  3. Firstly, congratulation on your creations!!!
    Its super-dee-duper!!! Talented, I should say!

    Juz wondering, are those letterings a kind of icing/fondant thingy? It looks like some kind of a dough. Where can i get those letter cutters?


  4. lil mizs: thank you. 🙂 i’ve still got a longggg way to go in learning. the letters are actually marzipan. you could also use fondant. and letter cutters, from phoon huat.

  5. I’ve heard of fondant but wen i looked thru the recipe, it sounds complicated to prepare.

    Havent heard of marzipan…

  6. you can buy ready made fondant at phoon huat. 😉

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