December 30, 2006 at 10:15 pm | Posted in Cupcakes, Orders | 10 Comments

first attempt at themed cupcakes:







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  1. mmm, looking at these, I wana celebrate christmas all over again!! fantastic job maya!!

  2. thank you, but these are definitely no match for your beautiful cakes!!! really. 🙂

  3. love the reindeer! anyway, please email me about the brownies!

  4. hey lene, i don’t have yr email add.

  5. hey maya

    pretty cupcakes 🙂 happy new year to u!


  6. hey! can i have the recipe for ur cupcakes? thanks in advance!! 🙂

  7. sammi: i don’t give out the recipe that i use for the chocolate cupcakes, but if you want another one that’s good i can recommend you. email me at disillusionedpoet@hotmail.com

  8. beb, they look so pretty. do try those mummified ones eh! hehehe… another theme. heeeee… or royalty, or outer space. heehe..

  9. hey there, was wondering, how do i go about ordering the cupcakes?
    maile me please!(:

  10. hello,can i know what type of icing do you use for the first picture?

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