checkerboard cookies

December 1, 2006 at 12:06 am | Posted in Cookies | 3 Comments

yesterday i tried my hand at a batch of checkerboard cookies to celebrate the end of my FIRST paper. (it seems that i need to justify why i bake during the exam period.)


i used the recipe from the williams-sonoma book, but realised that this recipe is exactly the same. (even the photograph)

i think this will be the first and last time i’ll be making these. it was too much of a hassle, i couldn’t get myself to cut off nicely-measured logs and i thought that the taste of the cookies weren’t particularly great. i ended up using cookie cutters for a good portion of the dough and sandwiched them together with nutella.




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  1. AHH! I LOVE this cookies so muchhhhhhhhhhh!! No wonder now I can’t find any of this at my bro-in-law’s mum’s place anymore. Leceh rupanya!

    But i likeeeeeeee!!

    Yours looks yummy leh.

    Bake me some can?

    Can lah. Hehe

  2. rini: i won’t bother making this again sehhh. and the taste not exactly unique; a cross between a butter cookie and shortbread. so yeah… to me it’s not worth the effort. hehehe.

  3. looks good! at least better than mine. for the plain section, u managed not to overbake them which gives a really nice light color. for mine, it was a dark yellow 😦 but for the hassle part, it was ok lah, not too bad…the panna cotta & coffee gelee even more work.

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