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November 30, 2006 at 11:51 pm | Posted in Cakes, Chocolate, Reviews | 4 Comments

i thought i’d set up a new category – reviews, which will comprise comments about my gastronomic encounters with desserts of all sorts. the boy thought it was a good idea, so here i am, writing about our coffee and cake experience yesterday, at gloria jean’s.

the first time i had coffee at gloria jean’s was in johore, many years back. i was pleased to learn of the existence of two outlets here – one in the vicinity of chijmes and the other at one fullerton. both ceased operations since then, and we were pleased to see the outlet at vivocity. apparently there’s another one at raffles city.

our drinks were great, i had the very vanilla chiller while he had the gj’s creamy cocoa. however we can’t say the same about the cakes.


he had a slice of mortal sin, which consisted of two layers of dense and somewhat dry chocolate cake, sandwiched with a layer of caramel and covered with a thick wad of chocolate ganache. it’s difficult for him not to like a chocolate something, so this must have been considerably bad. the texture of the cake tasted like it has been in the cold for too long.

i initially wanted a slice of carrot cake, but i just thought i’d try this cute little cupcake.


wrong move. it was a mildly flavoured chocolate cake, with orange rind. i particularly dislike orange-chocolate combinations, so this was a chore to finish. the icing was a mediocre sugar-glaze, which was also chocolatey-orange.

i guess we’ll just stick to the drinks the next time round. 🙂


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  1. oh hey i’ve been there before and their service was terrible! god, they got our names wrong for the drinks, got our orders wrong. couldnt be bothered to correct it. took half any hour and 3 requests to get us a slice of cake and they did not order something we ordered and has the nerve us to queue up again. and the worst thing one bothered to apologize..or maybe they did not even realised they made a mistake. we were so pissed off we wanted to complain to the manager, when we realised the manager was the one who mistook all our orders and was completely unapologetic when we asked her (The same one person) for the cake THRICE. :S i’ll never go there again man. it was a nightmare!

  2. alison: oh noooo i’d be completely pissed if i were in the same situation as you! hmm but the service was ok when i went… it was just the cakes. haha. if they gimme bad service i probably won’t go there anymore!

  3. hey maya
    have u tried the 7 layered chocolate decadence cake from raffles hotel? the cafe is called seah street or smtg along those lines i think. pretty gd stuff! $7.90 if they’re still selling it at the same price since i last went there..but its a pretty big piece..just nice for two. its absolutely sinful!

  4. heh. there used to be a reali nice one at Holland V, back in our JC days. they closed down before u entered NUS. anyway. i miss that place. 😦 i used to hang out there n study there ALOT.

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