chocolate mousse

November 11, 2006 at 12:02 am | Posted in Chocolate, No-Bakes | 30 Comments

the best way to savour chocolate mousse is to let it roll around in your mouth before letting it slide down your throat. it’s like letting clouds melt on your tongue.



evan, thank you for sharing this recipe because it is the BOMB.

i hope the girls will like it, and then i’m making another batch for the secondary school gang when they come on sunday. this time i’ll use lindt chocolate. πŸ˜‰


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  1. hey maya

    how do u make this mousse thing? is it easy?

    hugs, ash!

    ps-i havent try your egg tart…gonna do it tomorrow insyallah! been busy wif exams!!! :S

  2. maya! glad u like the recipe :p but it didnt turn out so well for me coz its like, the mixture curdled when the cold & hot ingredients were combined. adding on to the fact i didnt use an electric beaters. i used hand whisk instead. so i couldnt break up the curdling pieces.

  3. I came back from a dinner reception
    Maya stuff into my mouth a concoction
    I was filled with a wild satisfaction
    The chocolate mousse was a sensation

    Honestly I was never a chocolate lover
    Had repulsed anything chocolately
    But this year is different altogether
    What with all the fantabulous recipes

    Thanks for all the recipe sharing
    It is really a blessing
    Every thing Maya baked has been finger licking
    Bakers, go forth a-baking

  4. wow, that’s a cool poem!
    anyway, the chocolate mousse looks real great. congrats πŸ™‚

    i love your cupcakes! hehs.

  5. ashiebee: it’s rather easy, do give it a try! πŸ™‚

    evan: what curdled? the chocolate+butter mixture and the egg yolks?

    ayah: thank you so much. :p

    zn: thank you so much. you shd give the mousse a try! πŸ™‚

  6. O no!!! another chocolate recipe to try out! πŸ™‚ Looks good maya! n guess what? U have a personal poet! haha

  7. yd: you should, it’s rather simple! yeah… personal poet… -_-. hahaha.

  8. maya, i dunno what curdled, but anyway mine was a disaster 😦 oh btw i was looking at your old blog. do u hv the recipe for the coconut blossoms? u know the ones your friend gave u? the colors are so sweet…i’m a sucker for pastel colors :p hehe.

  9. yummylicious!

    n cute poem by ur daddy!

  10. evan: i think she got it from a blog as well… i’ll ask her and get back to you soon. πŸ™‚

    sue: thank you! πŸ™‚

  11. Hey maya, I was just thinking of looking around for a mousse recipe to go with a layer chocolate cake and I think I just found it! haha…just a qn though, judging from the consistency of this mousse, do you reckon it’d be firm enough to use as a filling for cake? Would it hold up on its own and not fall flat if I were to place a layer of cake ontop?
    And guess what, I was reading thru your comments to evan and I realised we are like, the same ‘breed’ of people. I just graduated from 4th year soci at NUS this July!! haha…what a coincidence! Well, I’m just happy to know we sociology honors students have lives outside of campus- and culinary ones at that! *grin*
    Good luck with all them papers and exams..and here’s to the weird soci honors class seminar room..does it still haf that awful seating arrangement with the conference table and a gazilion chairs around it? =)

  12. chitz: i sorta guessed you were from NUS but i didn’t know you’re a soci major too! *hail soci* haha. yeah… the seminar room is still like that… i always come late so i have to sit on the chairs that have no side table. haha.

    hmm… the mousse is rather firm. (i don’t think i’m very good in judging consistencies of things haha) “would it hold up on its own and not fall flat if I were to place a layer of cake ontop?” – i don’t really get this qn. i think that the mousse won’t “fall out” the sides of the cake. but it does get soft though after some time outside.

  13. Thanks maya, that was what I was wondering anyways, if the mousse filling would smoosh out of the sides if I were to sandwich it between 2 layers of cake. haha. Guess I’m bad with translating my thoughts to words!
    And you would think the soci room would have been re-organized by now! sighz. I hated those table-less chairs. And I always got the one right behind the pillar…it was good for napping though…grin.

  14. hey sorry to interrupt but mayb i can answer chitz’ question? to use a mousse to sandwich in between cakes, i think u need a mousse recipe with gelatine, judging from some mousse cake recipes i came across. its almost the same like a no-bake cheesecake, u need gelatine in there to hold it together. this chocolate mousse, u cant tell by the consistency, coz it melts in room temperature. unless of coz u can be sure you’re gonna refrigerate yr cake all the time?

    maya, thx, hope to get the recipe for the coconut blossoms (keep wanting to type it as cherry blossoms lol) soon.

  15. Thanks evan!
    I’ve been looking through recipes off the web and noticed the use of gelatine in mousse cake recipes too. The only problem is that the smell of gelatine really puts me off…and I dun like the idea of using crushed animal skin/bones in my cakes…=(
    That’s why I wondered if this mousse recipe would work. Anyways, on a side note, anyone knows where I can get vegetable-based gelatine powder? Or how to make a stiffer mousse?

  16. is there smell in gelatine? how come i cant smell anything? what kind did u use? i used the powdered one which is practically odorless and its made from fish i think. not beef. u probably used the beef gelatine or something?

  17. thanks for the help evan! yeah… my gelatine doesn’t smell too…

  18. hey maya. came across ur foodie blog and i must say, everything you’ve made looks absolutely mouth-watering! kudos to u πŸ™‚

    was just wondering, they sell the ready-made cut-out alphabets at cold storage? been looking all over for it and i was at great world today but couldn’t find it anywhere. any idea where i can get it & other cake-decorating stuff? thanks loads!

  19. Erm, isn’t gelatine made from seaweed?

  20. Hi

    To many Muslims the use of gelatine in cooking is a sensitive religious issue.

    It is basically a processed and refined animal protein, derived from bones, hides and tissues.

    It is used in , pharmaceuticals, cosmetics & toiletries, and food processing.

    Especially in preparation of jellies, mashmallows, various bakes and also in cake making.

  21. Okie, ya, I think mine was the beef one…I bought it from phoon huat. Quite stinky..I threw out the bottle after opening it cos I could literally smell the dead cow in it. eech.
    I also checked out the one by Bake King (available at Cold Storage, NTUC), it comes in a white plastic cylinder with a red top. The ingredient lists only one word “Gelatine”, so I have no idea what its made of. although it is halal.
    Which is the odorless one ya’ll use maya and evan? I may try that…

  22. dee: thank you! i don’t think they sell readymade alphabets. you could either use marzipan or fondant for them. for cake decorating stuff, you could go to the many phoon huat branches (google it) or BIY along bukit timah road, opp newton hawker centre or ailin at tanjong katong complex. πŸ™‚

    chitz: i’ve used both the ones from phoon huat and bake king. both taste okay to me…

    yd: there you go, a poem-comment from my dad. haha. and yes, gelatine is animal-based. agar-agar is from seaweed.

  23. Oh looks great! And I noticed something totally random in the pic, you reading about Hitler or something…. hahahah. I thought that was funny.

  24. nicole: yeah, i was doing an essay on hitler and the nazi party while eating chocolate mousse. i thought it was a very poignant combination. hahaha.

  25. oh god, i thought u wrote the nazi party WAS eating chocolate mousse LOL!

  26. hahahah. you’d never know evan, they very well could have been. hahaha.

  27. Ohhhhhhh yayaya! agar agar is from seaweed. ahaha thanks for the enlightenment maya and dad!

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