fruit tart and cupcakes

November 8, 2006 at 10:52 pm | Posted in Chocolate, Cupcakes, Orders, Tarts and Pies | 6 Comments




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  1. hey maya, nice looking tart! the strawberries look really fresh and succulent. by the way, why is it u seldom do swirls for yr cupcakes? =)

  2. thanks evan. ๐Ÿ™‚ eh i thought i answered that question before? firstly i don’t think my swirls look good (haha) and secondly, i don’t think that many people like too much cream on their cupcakes. :p maybe i’m wrong… haha. i’d definitely make huge swirls if i’m eating them!

  3. Evan & Maya

    Your question on swirls was answered earlier, maybe you missed it,

    Maya is very economical girl
    She observes what eaters like and do
    On her cupcakes you find no swirls
    Unlike Evanโ€™s; chocolate, pink, green and blue!

    Swirls make the cupcakes tempting
    And very colourful and yummy
    For me I โ€™sapuโ€™ everything
    Swirls are nice to look at, but better in my tummy!

    Some like the cream others like the cake
    When it comes to food everyone has his own take
    Do you know why a person like to bake?
    To please herself and for the loved ones’ sake!

  4. hahaha! yes i must hv missed it, my bad! u r rite, some ppl don’t like alot of creams on their cakes, i’m actually one of them. anyway if u do swirls, u cant really write anything on them. but it seems like alot of ppl will still order those with lots of cream, then set it aside when eating. individual preference i guess.

    hey so u still a student? what do u study now? =)

  5. yup… i think it’s because of the letters too! ๐Ÿ™‚ i love swirls actually… but i think i’m bad at making nice ones. maybe it’s because of the consistency of my buttercream. haha.

    yes i am still a student… fortunately or unfortunately; depends on how you see it. sigh. i’m in nus; 4th year, doing sociology. i know, people always wonder why i’m so free, can bake this, bake that. i’m one of the slacker-est honours students around i think.

  6. OMG, you’re smart. can go to university! NUS somemore. not many ppl can make it to singapore’s uni. thats why all go australia to study. haha. so what r u gonna do when u come out to work? =)

    btw, do u MSN? if u do, maybe we can chat real time. i hv this buttercream recipe which u might b interested! do let me know yr email so i add u.

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