peach tart

November 5, 2006 at 10:16 pm | Posted in Tarts and Pies | 6 Comments

this was a pre-order-practice attempt, and i’m glad to say it generally turned out well. i looked through evan’s blog and decided to use the sweet shortcrust pastry and creme patissiere recipes that she posted. i need to lay my hands on that donna hay book fast.



the creme patissiere tasted good, although i felt it was a little thick. but it had no lumps at all! and the consistency was very good, with just the right amount of sweetness. and the baked pastry chipped at one section of the pie, probably the crust was too thin up the sides. but i really like the taste of it on the whole. 🙂 now i really need to work on a chicken pie. (i can see the boy nodding vigorously; i’ve promised him that since forever!)

and yes, an update. i know i set the “closed-order” period on the 25th, but now, i have orders running up till then, so i’m afraid i have to stop taking orders. but i promise i’ll be up and running (full steam!) on the 6th of december. however, you can still email me for orders needed after the 6th of december. thank you for your understanding!


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  1. nice tart! did u get the recipe from the every food mag? actually i tried a few creme patisserie recipes, i still like donna hay.

  2. evan: no, i took those recipes off yr blog! the donna hay ones. 🙂

  3. heyy maya,
    your stuff looks so good im drooling just look at the pictures!
    could u please email me the price for your cupcakes?


  4. kel, i need you to email me because although you have to fill in yr email here, it won’t be published.

  5. hey maya! you make me want to try making fruit tarts! looks realllly nice!

  6. april: you should! try the recipes i posted. it was foolproof for me, should be for you too!

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