November 5, 2006 at 10:07 pm | Posted in Chocolate, Cupcakes | 4 Comments

an order for a birthday:


and there were extras so i served these to my cousin’s friends who dropped by. it was really nice of them. 🙂





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  1. i love the blue & white. they’re so pretty! maya, how come is it you seldom do swirls for yr cupcakes? =)

  2. evan: i’m not that confident with them. haha. and sometimes people don’t like that much cream with their cupcakes; they end up scraping it off. lol.

  3. Evan & Maya

    Evan, Maya is very econmomical
    She observes what eaters like and do
    On her cupcakes you find no swirls
    Unlike Evan’s; chocolate, pink, green and blue!

    Swirls make the cupcakes tempting
    And very colourful and yummy
    For me I ‘sapu’ everything
    Swirls are nice to look at, but better in my tummy!

  4. thanks for having us over! by the way i think that day’s cupcake is nicer than the ones u gave me the last time, it’s nicely moist and not too sweet. so this is good. you are getting better! i forsee more of me being shameless and asking u for food hehehe

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