butterscotch and white chocolate blondies

November 3, 2006 at 7:46 pm | Posted in Slices | 12 Comments

yesterday while we at tanglin mall, the boy bought me this:


all the cookies look sooooo good and since i came home relatively early today (and there were no orders to fulfill), i decided to try out something. cookies were quite out of the question since i haven’t gotten over the madness of hari raya baking yet, so i decided to do blondies!


the recipe called for toffee bits but i replaced it with butterscotch chips and white chocolate chunks instead. it was a little cakey, not the moist and fudgy consistency that i was hoping for. that aside, the taste was nice, with the sweetness coming mainly from the chips and chocolate chunks. i’ll try this again sometime (but i don’t know who else will eat them because the people closest to me don’t like white chocolate) and i think i shall decrease the amount of flour for a more moist texture, and maybe reduce the sugar a bit as well.


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  1. MAYA,
    Dont worry my dear
    Ayah is here
    I will try a bit
    See if i like it.

    It looks very tempting
    I do not mind trying.
    Right now I am tasting.
    Woh! the taste is electrifying.

    I must count my blessings
    Having a girl who enjoys baking
    I get to taste every thing first
    and nothing comes out from my purse.

    it is good this blondie
    i’d better get one more piece quickly
    it is shiok really
    eaten together with a cup of tea.

  2. i think your dadddy’s really sweet!so adorable! 🙂 ha, anyways, continue to write more about your baking experiences and share the recipes with us! cheers! take care 🙂

  3. thank you elena! yup i will. 🙂

  4. blondie! yours look good =) awww how i wish i have the mag. anyway, u still trust martha stewart’s recipes? heard its not so good…oh, and now swensens got blondie also. with a scoop of ice-cream.

    your daddy’s so cute. why do u call him ‘ayah’? hehe. he writes the comment like a poem!

  5. evan: i’ve heard mixed reviews about her. maybe i need to try a couple of other recipes before deciding. hee. i need to get my hand on donna hay’s classics book 2! that’s the desserts one right?

    anyway, ‘ayah’ is the malay word for daddy/father. haha. and yeah, his hobby is ‘constructing’ poems. :p

  6. maya, i have the modern classics book 2! in fact, i posted quite a lot of recipes from there on my blog did u see? the orange butter muffins is from that book, so is pumpkin pie, chocolate mousse, peanut butter cupcakes, creme patisserie + sweet shortcrust pastry, hot cross buns etc. the dark choc truffle frosting on my choc banana cake is also from the book hehe. i do recommend it coz the recipes in there are really good and results guaranteed. but expensive tho’. i got it at $43. if i knew library has it, i would hv been a cheapskate to borrow + scan the pages hehe. but of coz, nothing beats holding the book in your hands, free of grease stains & pencil marks from other inconsiderate ppl hehe :p

  7. yup yup i know! 😀 i’ll try a few of them. 😉 i’ve been dying to make chocolate mousse. hee.

  8. It’s okay maya. If no one wants them I’ll be generous and take them all. :))))))

  9. Hello there, your designs are really nice. I’m interested. Do you take in orders and how much do you charge? Please email me. Thanks alot! 😉

  10. hello brandy, please email me! because although you have to insert yr email address, it’s not published. thanks a lot. 🙂

  11. hey there! simply love ur bakes.. so appetizing .. so want to try..hehe. anyway where did u buy the butterscotch chips from?

  12. hello nia, thank you for dropping by! you can get the butterscotch chips at most NTUCs or cold storages. the brand is nestle, and i think it’s $4+.

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