portuguese egg tartlets (part II)

October 31, 2006 at 10:19 pm | Posted in Tarts and Pies | 2 Comments

i bought one whole roll of puff pastry just to make these, just for you ayah. the whole container is yours to eat.


i reduced the amount of sugar in the custard, but it was evidently a wrong move because i found it not sweet enough. -_- so i dusted them with icing sugar.

anyway, ashiebee, here’s the link to the recipe. (scroll down for the list of ingredients and method)


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  1. Maya dear,

    Thanks so much for the lovely thought
    Translated into a container of egg tarts
    Never at bakeries will egg tarts ever be bought
    Can’t be compared to those baked with your heart.

    I shared some with my close buddies
    They relished every little piece
    More of your cookies, if you please
    Well, that was their little wish.

    They commented on the taste and texture
    They enjoyed it as you used little sugar
    They said the taste and texture was just right
    Health-wise they don’t feel guilty with every bite.

    Last night I finished up the last 9 – i think
    Well I had my fill for the day
    So once your term papers are over, wink, wink.
    Can you bake me another tray?


  2. ayah:

    you know i bake almost every day
    doesn’t matter if term papers come my way
    i shall make more cookies soon
    to feed you and your platoon.

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