cherry friands

October 30, 2006 at 2:43 am | Posted in Cakes | 4 Comments

a friand is similar to a financier, a type of light tea cake that originated from france. i’ve been wanting to try the recipe since eons ago, when i came across it in tastegoblet’s.

i finally got down to it tonight. i made these to celebrate the end of my welfare essay, which took me three laboriously frustrating days. it is surprisingly easy to make, and they taste exquisitely wonderful. it’s light because of the whisked egg whites, with the almond meal giving a pleasant crunch here and there.


the recipe is here. i used canned dark cherries instead of fresh ones. i didn’t measure out the cherries, just added half a can, which amounted to more than 125g. but it was good! the sourish taste contrasted well with the buttery and nutty taste of the cake. i think strawberries would make a perfect pairing too.

the recipe yielded 8 small cakes. i think i shall make another batch tomorrow night. it’s veryyy yum!



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  1. looks yummy!

  2. if baking is the food of love, bake on
    can be done in the evening, at night or in the morn
    just get all the ingredients ready
    mixed these together with lots of love and patience
    while baking, hum your fabourite melody
    dabble here, stir there, done with emotion
    one hour later eat what you bake, it’s that easy
    yes.. if you enjoy baking, it’s that easy, really.

  3. Hey babe, I’m so glad you made these! They are the bomb right? haha…I love the way the egg whites work to fluff the batter up.. I must try this version with the sour cherries, it looks very good…
    And congrats on the welfare essay. I remember those days not too long ago when I slaved over essays as well…ugh. Glad you’ve got one down alrede! =)

    p/s: the pictures on this post are lovely..

  4. i’m glad too! i love the moistness. and yeahhh i still have a couple of essays to go. sigh. -_-

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