October 14, 2006 at 12:58 am | Posted in Local Cakes | 3 Comments

today was one of the rare times i made a malay local cake (or more commonly known as kueh. ondeh ondeh are balls of glutinous rice flour filled with palm sugar, then coated in steamed fresh grated coconut. they are traditionally coloured green, but i was in a quirky mood so i decided to have blue, turquoise and pink balls instead.

this is the first time i made something without following a recipe. i just mixed the glutinous rice flour with water, just enough to form a pliable and soft dough. you really have to judge the consistency for yourself because if the dough is too soft, the palm sugar will “leak out” (which happened to quite a few of my balls) and if it does not have enough water, the dough will sort of crumble and fall apart.

after that, divide dough into small balls and flatten slightly to accommodate the palm sugar, after which you seal up the edges and roll it back into a ball. after all the dough is used up, throw them into a deep pan of boiling water. when the balls float, they are cooked.

drain well and coat in the steamed grated coconut. (steam it with a pinch of salt)

keeping the palm sugar in is a tedious task!


the balls cooking.





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  1. Maya dear,
    The onde-onde balls, when looked at, were wonderful,
    But better when popped into the mouth, chewed slowly.
    But beware, the gula melaka, when taken in mouthful,
    Will leak out, and make your clothes dirty.
    I had tasted better ones mixed with sweet potato.
    Remember that when you make them the next time my dear.
    Go paint the kitchen red, my little girl go,
    I have stared to drool just thinking about it here.

  2. Hihi Maya

    Did you chopped up the gula melaka? I Hv problem moulding it into balls before i sealed it into the dough…any tips for that?


  3. hi philia, yes just chop the gula melaka into pieces… there’s no need to mould them into balls. i don’t think it’s possible too…

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