cappuccino cupcakes

October 14, 2006 at 1:15 am | Posted in Cupcakes | 2 Comments

yesterday i made a batch of cappuccino cupcakes. it wasn’t particularly a success. the taste was good, but the cakes actually shrank a lot from the sides of the liners; i didn’t know exactly where i went wrong. i used the kenwood mixer instead of a food processor, could that have been one of the factors?

i had some problem understanding what “self-rising cake flour” meant. in her book, nigella wrote: “i often use self-rising cake flour in place of ordinary all-purpose flour. don’t use self-rising unless it’s specified.”

that got me all boggled. i’ve heard of self-rising flour and cake flour, but not self-rising cake flour. i ended up using normal cake flour. i think that probably resulted in a moist and slightly dense cake. the texture was soft and pudding-like and the taste was good, but the problem was the shrinking. the next time round i’ll probably just try using self-raising flour and omit the baking powder.



i didn’t use her icing recipe. i just made a ganache with a combination of dark and milk chocolate. it’s a recipe worth attempting again, and hopefully the next time round i’ll get the texture right. i’ll just have to play around with the flours.



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  1. I like thee paper cases, where do you get them from?

  2. i bought these at a baking supplies shop at jurong west st 52, but i think you can find them in phoon huat as well.

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