apricot shortbread and portuguese egg tarts

October 14, 2006 at 1:42 am | Posted in Cookies, Tarts and Pies | 22 Comments

today i had no classes so i woke up in the morning to whip up a batch of apricot shortbread cookies for hari raya.


i wanted to use up the dried apricots that have been sitting in the fridge for nearly a month. (!) the cookies turned out alright – crumbly (typical of shortbreads), not too sweet and with a melt-in-the-mouth texture. i used this recipe, plus diced dried apricots. the thing i’m worried about is that the taste of the apricot doesn’t come through distinctly. :p but i like it nonetheless, adds some chew to the crumbly texture.

yesterday i was looking through the livejournal baking community and saw fauzana put up a post on portuguese egg tarts! i’ve always been a fan of these. i had puff pastry in the freezer so i whipped up these little cuties.





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  1. hi maya, im here! wow, this blog is much nicer than the previous. will update my blogroll link =)

  2. You moved! The site looks fantastic…yay for wordpress! haha.
    and those shortbread cookies look great. Very festive, with those golden bits peeking through. :)Also what recipe do you use for your chocolate chip hari raya cookies? I’m looking for a yummy celebratory cookie… if there is any such thing =)

  3. Maya dear,
    The egg tarts were divinely, heavenly treat,
    I enjoyed them to the last bit.
    I tried the malaysian portuguese egg tarts,
    But yours melted my heart.
    They were definitely better than others I have tasted,
    keep baking them, they are much awaited.
    I didn’t know there is a gem baker in the house,
    The craving for egg tarts you have doused.
    But once I finished the last piece,
    My heart said “Bake some more please…!

  4. really yummy stuff you’ve got there.
    wordpress’ great!

  5. evan: thank you!

    chitz: yeah boy… and to think it’s all templated! i like the categorisation la. and i used the chocolate chip recipe from thebakerwhocooks.blogspot.com. it’s quite good! 🙂 i think you can just use the search tool in her blog.

    ayah: heehee it’s cool having your father leave a comment! ok, i’ll make another batch soon. 😀

  6. and faizah: thank you! i’ve got a loooong way to go. 🙂

  7. Hey maya! Nice looking new site! I’ve been too lazy to change my blog page design urgh… hope to do it soon. Anyways, those egg tarts look really good! The uneven pastry makes me wanna try it, unlike normal portugese egg tarts which look the same everywhere… boring…

  8. saya suka wordpress! and ur cakesy stuffs!

    and ur dad’s poem is cute.

  9. yummiedummies: thank you! yup you shd try the egg tarts, it’s really simple, esp when you get the instant puff pastry! haha. i can’t be bothered and i’m scared to even think of doing it from scratch. :p

    hazz: thank you bebs! 😀

  10. maya,

    the apricot shortbread is such a great idea to be served for raya. i intend bake some soon. i notice that the recipe doesnt use eggs? just wondering whether the shortbread will turn out ok.

  11. hello sue,

    yup shortbread recipes don’t require eggs. that gives rise to the melt-in-the-mouth and crumbly texture. 🙂 you could experiment with other dried fruits like mango and cranberries too!

  12. hehe, your dad is the SwEEtEst la! It’s must be so cool having him comment on your blog…*smile*
    And yup, been wanting to comment on those egg tarts. They look divine. I totally agree with yummydummies that it’s the rustic, uneven pastry that makes it look so great..I’m not a fan of egg tarts but those look too good to miss!

  13. hey maya

    thanks a bunch for replying to my query!


  14. To
    sue, chitz, hazz, faizah, yummiedummies, ida, evan, jan and those who have chanced upon maya’s blogpage…..of course especially for my dearest girl, maya.

    Lembayung langit menuju ke bendang
    Niat menuai padi di huma
    Hari raya akan menjelang
    Kuih dan kek sudah disedia?

    Di subuh raya terdengar takdir
    Sayu terkenang yang telah pergi
    Ke rumah kami silalah hadir
    Berbesar hati kami menanti

    Kuih yang bahari susah dicari
    Rasa menusuk terjelir lidah
    Ilmu memasak harus dipelajari
    Malu bertanya rosaklah juadah

    Kalau dah mahir janganlah lupa
    Kongsi ilmu pada yang meminta
    Hati mereka tidaklah hampa
    Ramai pula dapat manfaatnya.

    Saya hanya bergurau senda
    Untuk menghibur hati yang lara
    Saya ucapkan selamat hari raya
    Silap bahasa maaf dipinta.

    Selamat hari raya, maaf zahir dan batin .

  15. ayah, that’s a lovely pantun, but i think only a few will understand considering it’s in malay! :p

  16. To
    sue, chitz, hazz, faizah, yummiedummies, ida, suhaila, yanni, linda, evan, jan and those who have chanced upon maya’s blogpage…..of course especially for my dearest girl, maya.

    Loosely translated, the malay poem means:

    In the crimson dawn morning
    Strolling to the field, rice to be harvested
    Hari Raya day is fast approaching
    Have the baking and cookies been completed?

    Muezzin’s calls drifted in the the morning hue
    Tears flowed when loved ones are remembered
    Our door is open, we welcome all of you
    Come by and your time won’t be wasted.

    The tongue drools when food is mentioned
    The taste buds aroused, the mouth salivates too
    The finer art of food preparation should be learned
    If arrogant and embarrassed to ask, the loser is you.

    Once in the know, the knowledge must be shared
    Pass it on to those who ask and in need
    If you don’t, the heart is unfulfilled and sad
    If you do, many will benefit from it indeed.

    Knowledge shared is twice-a-blessing
    God blesses the transmitters, and also the receivers
    Therefore keep this blogpage agoing
    Contribute when you have the time, it’s the thought that matters.

    Selamat Hari Raya to all.

  17. WOW!!
    that was an amazing poem, even translated! haha. I loved those bits on the calls to prayer and remembering loved ones…very poignant.
    Your dad is the coolest, maya! *grin*
    Selemat Hari Raya to ya’ll!!

  18. heya, my mouth is watering now..
    could i order some cupcakes or chocolate cookies from you for my upcoming boyfriend’s birthday? it’s on nov 19.
    let me know ya!


  19. heyya

    i was wondering where do u post the recipe for the portugese egg tart? i’ve been mengidam-ing egg tart so i wanted to give it a try? and owh, do u mind if i link your site? thanks 🙂

    hugs, ash!

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  21. Hello! I harvest statistics of meanings of users on sites as this. Answer: Like or Not Like. Thanks!

  22. Just want to thank you for keeping at this and say how much I appreciate your clear and comprehensive comments. I missed the Richmond connection in the original Nation article. Really do hope and expect that someday soon we’ll be reading your work, or something comperable, in the RTD. In the meantime, I’m glad we can read it here.

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